Deep Bleaching

Teeth bleaching to whiten teeth:

There are many products currently on the market that promise whiter, brighter teeth, many times overnight. But, dental professionals, and the American Dental Association, issue a word of caution about the improper use of such over-the-counter products, as they are often too abrasive and can damage the teeth with extended use. Most will contend that there is nothing harmful about many teeth bleaching procedures, as long as they are dentist-supervised. In most supervised cases, teeth bleaching can effectively whiten and brighten the color of teeth for up to five years, without softening or weakening the teeth and gum line.

The most effective bleaching technique is called Deep Bleaching which was developed by Evolve Dental Technologies.

Who may benefit from teeth bleaching?

Most beneficial:

  • Age spots.
  • Yellow or orange spotting on teeth caused by coffees, teas, berries and other foods, or smoking.

Moderately beneficial:

  • Gray or brown stains caused by fluorosis (excessive intake of fluoridated water).
  • Gray stains caused by smoking and/or the use of certain medications.

Not recommended:

  • Overly-sensitive teeth.
  • Persons with a gum or mouth disease (periodontal disease or oral cancer).
  • Persons with worn tooth enamel.

Deep Bleaching™ is now recognized all over the world as the most effective whitening technique ever invented. The technique is so effective that it will even whiten tetracycline discolored teeth - which were previously thought to be impossible to bleach -- in a short time. Dentistry has tried to achieve this for over 35 years, and now the secret has been discovered. Just imagine getting your teeth MUCH whiter, and having it last for your ENTIRE life! With very simple periodic maintenance at home, the results are entirely permanent.

If you have attempted whitening before and experienced sensitivity, do not fear because Deep Bleaching uses a special agent to minimize sensitivity.

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