Smile Makeover in One Day

At Radiant Smiles we understand that a smile can not only change the way a person looks but it can improve and enhance the way a person feels.

With the CEREC technology and special training from CADSMILES with Eddie Corrales, Radiant Smiles Dental Care is now performing Smile Makeovers in one day.

This is our recent case.  He is my nephew and he says that he never had the confidence to smile due to the way his teeth looks.

Teeth are worn, different shapes, sizes and shades. Missing tooth creates a darks shadow on his left.

At rest, he displays more lower teeth than upper teeth.

He spent the day with us and while waiting for his new smiles, he was able to go to the movies.

Eddie Corrales from CADSmiles!

 The patient now glows with his new smile.  The lips are still drooping a little from the numbing.

Lip at rest now displays more upper teeth which looks more natural.

 Laser gum work was done to reduce the inflammation and also level out the gum tissues for a more pleasing look.

This is what he looks like a few days later:

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